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Gates Repair and Installations Maple Valley (425) 903-3135

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Need to get your gates repaired or installed? Finding it difficult to match quality service with you budget? No need to worry anymore! We’re here to help you with the best service for the installation and repair of any kind of gate. We provide quality service for installing and repairing garage doors, and along with that we also provide the same service in case of fences. Moreover, you can buy a wide range of affordable gates, gate openers, security gates, slide gates, automatic gates and a few other custom gates from us. Our repairing service for automatic gates does not only include repairing the gate only, but we also work on the gate opener and sensor eyes, poles, hinges and all the other parts incorporated with the total system.

GATE REPAIR Maple Valley (425) 903-3135

Gate repair maple valley believes in providing quality service in exchange of reasonable amount of money. We ensure that every dollar that our customer spends is worth the service. Our representatives are well trained and are quick to respond to customer queries, and are always there to receive any feedback. Just pick up the phone and give us a call, and we will be there at your doorstep to help you repair your gate. If you need to install a new one, we will do that, too. If you don’t want any installation or repair, and simply want to buy a door, we are there for you as well. Choose from our wide range of collection and pick the gate that suits your need the best.


Automatic doors are probably the most useful of all the doors that you have ever come across. And since none of the objects on this world comes with immortality, the automatic doors need repairing too. It is obvious that they need to go through a certain installation process at the beginning. So if you have an old, broken automatic gate that needs to be repaired, or if you need a new automatic gate to be placed at your house or business, we are there to help! Maple Valley has an experience of more than 15 years with automatic doors of almost all kinds, may that be installing a new automatic gate, or repairing an automatic door. Our gate repair company can also make you a custom automatic door with the guarantee that it will work for a long time without breaking down, and our company can also give it looks as per your preference; and you can use it in your house, business, ranch or any place that you want to use it in. Along with all these services, we also create professional look-alike gate openers, accessories related to operate the door, and intercom system to go with that awesome door.


Our company offers specialized services for slide door installation of any residential or commercial properties, and we also provide repairing services for broken or damaged slide gates. Gate repair Maple Valley has been rendering services for slide doors for many years now, and has successfully managed to earn an esteemed position on the minds of their customers. The services include installing slide gates and repairing slide gates, and also slide gate maintenance. If you need any of these services, all you have to do is pick up your phone and call us, and we will send our best expert on slide gate repairing. Our technicians are highly motivated in providing you with the best solution for your damaged slide gates. We also have a variety of slide gates available in our collection that are manufactured by famous companies, and you are at liberty to purchase any of them. The pricing is also reasonable and is devised in a way that suits your budget just fine!


Among all the gates out there, a swing gate is probably the best deal because they provide you with the best security that you need for your house or your business. There are thousands of manufacturer out there who produce swing gates of various styles and capabilities. Swing gates mainly function by using swing gate hinges, and also need the assistance of gate openers. The hinges are what need most of the attention, and they are easily damaged because of the damage caused by the heavy weight of the gates. They also get bent or broken, and sometimes even get rusty for not being in use for a prolonged period. Also, the list of problems includes broken swing gate post. This happens because of the weight of the gate and it leads to the door to tilt and as a result, it does not close properly. This may be a hindrance to your safety.  In this case, our company, Gate Repair Maple Valley is always ready to serve you with swing gate adjustment service. Our dedicated experts ensure that your gates are properly taken care of; and that they can repair them well and return them to their original state. And if you have the problem of a damaged swing gate post, no worries, we can fix that as well. The process starts with disengaging the whole gate and the fencing system. After that, a new fencing along with a gate with proper accessories needed to make the gate work are installed. We also install new swing gates for those who need it placed at their entryway.
Some owners also report the damaging of swing gate sensors. Our company also performs swing gate sensor repairing. A sensor is basically made up of laser, and its job is to sense the presence of a person or an object and let it pass through the gate by opening at an appropriate time. If the sensor is damaged, the laser does not work properly, and as a result, the door does not open or close as needed, causing bigger problem in terms of security.
Generally a swing gate functions in more than one way. They include, either by manually, or by a specialized system, such as an intercom system. At times, the system may get damaged or broken, resulting in the gate not working properly. Our company also renders service for these accessories and repairs them as needed by experts. We also provide installation of these accessories at any time they are needed.


Security gates are the best way to ensure safety of your house or business or properties. The gate repair of Maple Valley offers you a huge collection of gates that are made with the strongest components, are able to endure tear and wear, and most importantly, does not break after a short period and function without any problems for a long time. We have contract with various infamous gate-producing company and we can ensure you that you will find the best gates in our collection with both simple and complex structures. Along with the gates, we also provide access control system at our gate repair Maple Valley stores that also matches according to the size of your building. If you demand, we can also craft specialized control system to match any structure of gate that you have. Moreover, our large connection also has a stock of residential security gates, and you will find them highly efficient and reasonable in terms of price. Our company can both install these gates at the entry of your house or business and also provides maintenance and repairing of these gates. Steel folding gates can occasionally get jammed, but our expert gate repairmen will make sure that your gate is placed well and repaired in the right manner when it is needed. Any sort of security gate problem will be solved within hours!


Gate openers are matched with the type of gate selected, and are vastly different depending on gates. If the correct gate opener is chosen, the gate will function extraordinarily, but if a wrong gate operator is chosen, the gate will be accused of faulty functioning. Our collection of gate openers include products from various famous brands such as Ramset gate opener, BSL gate opener, Eagle gate opener, Elite gate opener, Doorking gate opener, All-O-Matic opener, DKS gate opener, FAAC gate opener, and Liftmaster gate opener. Undoubtedly, these openers come from the best companies around the world and are built with perfection so as to not let it get damaged easily. Yet, there will come a time when you will certainly need to do some sort of repairing for them.  These gates are highly complicated and needs only experts to repair them. But instead of seeking high-priced services, you can turn to gate repair Maple Valley for a service of lowest possible price that ensures the best work. Our company provides all sorts of gate opener repair and gate opener installation. Additionally, if you ever need a gate opener intercom to be installed at you place or business, or even need to repair an old one of yours, you can also contact us since we provide all sorts of repair for them.


Gate sensors are a great way to make sure no accidents take place at your entryway. These sensors are made up of lasers and have the ability to sense the presence of any object or car at the entry. The job of your gate opener is to open and close the gate automatically, and if your car, or you, are accidentally stuck at the place with the gate is closing on you, the gate sensor can play a vital role in preventing any damage done to you or your property. The laser of the gate sensor is similar to that of a garage door sensor, and senses the presence of an object blocking the path and can stop closing the gate at once, and once the path is clear, it continues to do its job. You may want to install a new gate sensor to your gate, or already have one that is not functioning properly. If the latter one is the case, then you do have something to worry about. Instead of thinking of buying a new, costly gate sensor, call us and get your sensor repaired by one of our technicians who have adequate knowledge about them.


If a gate intercom is not properly installed at your place or your business, you might run the risk of facing troubles. Our company, gate repair at Maple Valley has been working on installing and repairing gate intercom for over 15 years now. If you need to install a gate intercom at your place, all you have to do is call us and we will be there with our best services. Our gate repair technicians are highly qualified and are able to handle even the most complex gate intercom repairing. We specialize in residential gate intercom repairing and commercial gate intercom repairing. Our services include providing you with audio intercom system or audio and video intercom system- whichever suits your need the most. If you have difficulty or reluctance in using remote control, then we can also make arrangements for a gate keypad system for the security of your gate. You can also hire us for keypad installations.
The problems that people usually face with gate opener keypads are locked openers, bad transmission of signals because of poor wiring and also breaking down of the motherboard of the gate keypad. If you live or work in a high foot traffic property, it will simply cause you a lot of trouble. Take our gate repair service and we will rid you off all these problems in the lowest possible cost and in no time!


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